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This article will hopefully provide a simple understanding of smart contracts, which is hard to locate anywhere else on the internet. Programming tutorials for solidity can be found on youtube with a simple “solidity tutorial” search. The language from my understanding is quite simple.

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A smart contract is a logical computer program capable of handling legal, and transactional events. Mostly known because of its relevance to and .

Smart Contracts have recently been trending due to the explosion of cryptocurrencies such as , and Ethereum. …

Brief description about flutter.

Flutter is an open-source, cross-platform, UI software development kit created by Google. It can be used to develop applications for all platforms (mobile, IOS, Windows, Linux) while using one codebase.

Why is Flutter popular?

Flutter merges the features and quality of native apps with the power of cross-platform development. Many other cross-platform tools let you write one codebase and use it on other platforms. Unlike Flutter they do not all render the same native app look.

Instead of wrapping UI elements (Like React, Vue, etc.), Flutter draws the elements from scratch.

Flutter preserves the native look and experience while keeping great performance across all…

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This article is a list of open source projects that have already or have the potential to change the world. Hope you enjoy and learn something new!


is an open source, fully automated driving software developed by George Hotz and his company commai. This software can be installed in a lot of cars for a fairly cheap price.

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Python is one of the most known and highly rated programming languages. It provides lots of simple and easy possibilities for a variety of subjects and projects.

Cons of Python

Yet, it’ not perfect and I think the language reflects this a lot. The reason to a lot of these flaws is because it was designed with readability and simple syntax in mind. This isn’t a big problem, it actually is one of the reasons python is one of the most popular programming languages of today. The downside to this though, is that speed was sort of ignored. It’s an interpreted language meaning…

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1. Kivy

is a python package that makes it easy to make GUI applications across all platforms. Kivy has great tools for mobile game development, and other applications.

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I’m a thirteen-year-old programmer who has been programming for four months. My perspective contains more possibilities than the average experienced developer. This is because I don't know limitations to programming languages or other tools. Therefore this article will give you a more creative perspective than usual. I hope this is helpful to you.

Note: These projects are advanced and not recommended for beginners. I have not built any of these successfully and only recommend them for people who know what there doing. Otherwise I do recommend you learn about these despite your level of experience. …

Kian M.

fourteen-year-old programmer (java, python, c++)

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